Powertool Batteries

Repacking this Paslode 6V battery pack achieved an increase from 1.4Ah to 2.4Ah as Paslode use smaller than necessary cells with an internal packer.
Ever wondered why your new drill battery dies after only 6 months, or why every time you go to use it you need to charge it up again......Do you remember the good old 7.2V, 9.6V? They lasted for years! New Zealand has become the dumping ground for low cost power tools and near expired battery packs. Titan Energy provides a premium product using the very best cells available. We prefer SANYO/FDK because they produce the best cells in the World. We use NiCD instead of NiMH because of high current loads.
We know how important your down time is, and will always endevour to return your battery packs within two days, fully charged ready to use.
Titan Energy is confident in its Powertool Repacks and offer a 2 year warranty for commercial use.
Titan Energy Ltd utilises your existing battery case by removing the dead cells and inserting the very latest in cell technology from Japan. Reliable and able to withstand the high current loads placed upon the pack by todays circularsaw, reciprocating saw, power drills and torque wrenches.
A Panasonic 9.6V 1.4Ah repacked with NiCD to 2.5Ah or 4.6Ah NiMH, what a difference in performance!

Why should I repack, when I can buy a new battery cheaper?

Prices are in NZ dollars using FDK (Sanyo) 2.5Ah NiCD cells
Other brand cells available upon request.

Battery Voltage / Prices

3.6V   $40+gst 12.0V   $125+gst
4.8V  $54+gst  14.4V  $162+gst
6.0V  $67+gst   15.6V  $175+gst
7.2V  $81+gst  18.0V  $202+gst
8.4V   $94+gst  24.0V $270+gst 
9.6V  $108+gst