"The Battery Pack Specialists"

Providing high quality solutions for NiCD, NiMH and Liyjium battery packs, specialising in battery assemblies for the commercial and industrial environment.

We have a comprehensive range of cells imported to New Zealand for assembly to meet your requirements.
Commercial and Industrial battery packs can be repacked, re-energergised with the latest in technology, providing better capacity and run time, often at a fraction of the New Replacement price.
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Amature handheld and marine radio repacks for those out of production, or better capacity that only repacking can create.
Handheld Radio Repacks
Bosch battery repacked using SANYO CP1700SCR cells increasing the original 1.2Ah to 1.7Ah
Superior cells with lower resistance and double straped provide an increase in power, rpm and sheer grunt!
Powertool Repacks